Sprint Unlimited One Year Free 4G/LTE 1 to 5 lines

Last updated on June 29th, 2018  

Sprint is offering 1 to 5 line effectively unlimited 4G LTE smart phone service for basically free.

Sprint has extended the offer through 7/31/2018.  They have been regularly extending the offer every couple of months.

No Contract. No activation fees. No hidden fees. No nothing.  It is all true.  I have had the plan for the past 7 months.

Depending on the state you live in there are small fees and taxes that must still be paid on a monthly basis.

The plan is no contract, no hidden fees, no nothing.  I pay $9 per month for my 4 line family plan. Unlimited data, minutes, and texts. You bring your own phone (so long as it works on their network).  Even if your phone is not compatible read on for a low cost way to get a great phone and save lots more money.

The offer is good for 12 months of service and then the plan switches to $60 per month for the 1st line, $40 per month for the 2nd line, and $30 per month for additional lines up to 5.  My 4 line family plan will be $160 per month when the 12 months free runs out.  It is a no contract plan from the start and you can simply go elsewhere when the free period runs out.

You will need Sprint SIM cards for your phones.  Sprint  charges a one time up front fee of $3 per SIM card + $10 shipping to send you the SIM cards. When you get the SIM cards in the mail  you will need to install them into your phones.  If you get a single line service the one time fee is $13.  For 4 lines it is $22.

It can be hard to find the link to the Sprint offer using search sites so here is the link  https://www.sprint.com/en/shop/offers/free-unlimited.html. Sprint does not actively advertise the program.

I am not affiliated with Sprint  and I do not make any money via the link above

You must bring your own device (BYOD) (that is a phone) and it must be a phone supported by Sprint.  Most Apple smart phones are supported. The website has a list of Apple and Android supported phones.

If you do not have a phone supported by Sprint I would suggest buying a Moto G5plus or G6 for under $200 bucks which has lots of other advantages.  See Saving 75% on your next smart phone.

The offer is real. Enjoy a year off expensive smart phone bills.

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