Last updated on May 9th, 2018  


Understanding Reality: What you know vs what you believe  <– START HERE
Gravity: How you build knowledge
Knowledge & Belief: Who do you believe?

Living Healthy

Living a healthy (toxin free) life
Should I be taking nutritional supplements?
Simplified Weight Loss
Simplified Diet

Lower Cost Living

Prescription eyeglasses for under $15 delivered
Lower your total health care costs by 75%
Saving 75% on your next smartphone
Sprint Unlimited one year free 4G/LTE Smart Phone Service
Saving 94% by using Eneloop batteries

Home Solar Power

Why pay $35,000 for solar for your home when you can pay $7,500?
Step by Step guide to a Low Cost Home Solar power system
Home Solar Power with Batteries and/or Generator
Why can’t I run my “electric” car on Solar?

Energy & Climate

Electric cars use twice as much oil as diesel vehicles

Living Secure

making your home food and energy secure


Why we create Sound Money and governments wreck them
Why Stocks, Housing, and Gold are not really investments, but are the best place to put your money

Taxes & Trade Wars
How Tariffs really work in the the most simple terms possible
Protectionism vs Why buying locally makes you wealthy

Has Capitalism failed and are the other ‘isms better?
What are free markets and voluntary exchange?
Does government regulation cost jobs?

What is bitcoin (and the other crypto-currencies)?
What is bitcoin in simple and easy to understand terms?


How AI’s work and why they will kill us