Last updated on February 19th, 2018  

FiniteSpaces is about

• helping you and others to navigate the world in an understandable way.
• Living a simplified life on a crowded planet
• Eating simply
• Living healthy
• Living a lower cost life
• Living a happier life
• Reducing frustration
• Reducing anxiety
• Allowing others to live as they wish
• Developing understanding & knowledge
• Learning to make decisions that get the results you want
• Learning to stand up for what you want without being confrontational
• Helping others

Note how the list starts out all about you. Once you have developed an understanding of yourself and your interactions with the world, you will be well positioned to help others.

While the concepts presented here are simple, they are very powerful building blocks to help in developing your understanding. And the really good news is that the time required is quite small.

I start by creating a foundation upon which you and I can communicate effectively.  Mostly that means defining a few words so we are both talking about the same things.  Most importantly I define the words knowledge and belief.

After that I discuss various contemporary issues from a basis of observable facts and verifiable data.  Facts and data you can verify yourself.

Some of these issues I address by helping you to understand the seemingly “un-understandable” things that are going on around you.

Since just understanding is not necessarily of any practical value, I include examples of how you can apply your understanding to save money on things many of us buy.

You do not need to be particularly smart to understand the world.  You just need to develop a process to cut through all the noise.

Small children use such a  process  everyday.

But over time we tend to forget.  All I am really doing here is reminding you of things you knew as a child.

The process that distracts you from seeing clearly is on-going every hour of every day.  When you understand the tools  clarity will come quite quickly, but it will fade with disuse as the distractions and noise are ever present.  Part of the secret of success and understanding is to re-read the articles if you feel yourself drowning in the noise again.

To start your journey I strongly suggest starting with Understanding.

Afterwards you can wander over to Topics to find other things that may be interesting to you.