Simplified Weight Loss

Last updated on February 19th, 2018  

There are two methods to lose weight which are very effective.

1) Calorie Counting — the hard way
2) “diet.txt” — eating all you want — the easy way

1. Calorie Counting

Many people hate to hear this but if you eat 1200 calories a day you will lose weight. There are lots of people on the TV telling you various reasons why this might not be true. But their reasons are all false.

Eating less than 1200 calories may or may not be unhealthy for you (please see your doctor) but if you eat less than 1200 calories per day you will lose weight.

The number is not really 1200 by the way, the real number is 9 times how many pounds you currently weigh.

So if you weigh 133 pounds, 9 times 150 is 1200. 1200 is also called your basal minimum.

Thus if you eat less than 1200 calories per day you will lose weight.

As you are losing weight you must re-calculate your basal minimum once a week or so.

So if you started at 180 (less than 1620 calories per day) and some time later you have lost 10 pounds you new basal maximum is 170 times 9 or 1530 and you should adjust your daily food intake.

Here is short chart:

pounds calories
133    1200
150    1350
200    1800
250    2250
300    2700

How much less you eat determines how quickly you lose weight.

To lose weight it does not matter what you eat so long at the total calories are under your basal minimum.

However, to be healthy and to minimize food cravings, you may want to consider what you eating in addition to the quantity.

So what about food cravings? That is the hardest part of calorie counting diets.

If you have food cravings you should either use the second diet suggested here or perhaps consider adopting some of the suggestions from the second diet.

What about keeping the weight off?

So long as you eat around your basal minimum you will keep the weight off. Unfortunately this means you must calorie count forever.

The fact is that as you get used to calorie counting counting calories gets easier.

Oftentimes people have trouble getting starting with calorie counting. They sometimes find it too much work or complicated.  You might considering trying the simplified diet as a starting point which makes counting calories quite a bit easier.

2. “diet.txt” — eating all you want — the easy way

This diet has a very high success rate however you must follow it exactly.

The good news is that you can eat as much as you want of certain foods including meats. (yes you read that right, unlimited meat)

This is a ketogenic diet. You may have heard bad things about ketogenic diets. What I have read and experienced is unconvincing.

In fact, I and others have experienced exactly the opposite, and our experiences are starting to show up in medical studies.

Additionally a number of benefits are starting to show up in studies in areas not directly related to weight loss such as diabetes control and menopause. However, those findings while somewhat “common sense” are not yet generally accepted.

So please discuss any changes in your diet with your doctor. Especially if you are diabetic.

Click here for diet.txt

Just follow diet.txt exactly, no calorie counting, and many food choices that are unlimited.

When you make changes to your diet such as those described in diet.txt you may experience changes in your digestive system including possible constipation.  These discomforts, if any, will generally go away as your body adjusts to the changed diet.

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